more experiments with the wacom bamboo graphics tablet

I found a bit of time to play with the bamboo tablet and that great online drawing programme I gave a link to previously.

The pressure sensitivity works with it and allows more variation in light/dark with the marks.

details from above:

addictive ................


Billie Crain said…
Clever use of the fur option, Vivien. Looks like pine needles. Btw, what's Wacom bamboo?
vivien said…
:>) a graphics tablet - it's lovely!
annie said…
I love it, Vivien. So sumi-e... and I agree with Billie about "the fur option" making those pine needle effects, though I have no clue about how these programs work.
vivien said…
yes. that's why I used that brush - also a dandelion clock effect - do have a play with it.

It apparently works on algorhythms - but that is totally over my head! I just love it to use
SKIZO said…
vivien said…
thank you Skizo :>)

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