Watercolour: Single track road leading down to Pendeen from the moor

Lane leading down to Pendeen, watercolour/mixed media, in 12x9inch Canson sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn

I love the lanes leading down off the moor, seeing the sea ahead, the horizon often indistinct - a blur of blueness.

Hedges, stone walls covered with banked earth, stones show through in places, bushes and hundreds of wild flowers, towering above your head; quick glimpses of fields or sea through gateways, small stone farmhouses and ruined mine engine houses - the view changes with every twist in the road.

On the hillside to the left you can just see Pendeen lighthouse, the one I sketched close up.

I've kept this Canson sketchbook just for sketching in Cornwall and it's like revisiting when I flip through.


dinahmow said…
Thankyou, Vivien. I love revisiting Cornwall with you.
vivien said…
Good :>)

If only I could win the lottery!
annie said…
I have already commented on WATERMARKS but wanted to add that a whole Canson full of Cornwall is such a wonderful memory book, especially if they are 9 x 12 like this one.

Kristin said…
I love your paintings. I really like the composition of this one and the colors, expecially the orange!
vivien said…
Kristin thank you :>)

Annie most are - some are double page spreads and some are smaller.

It's a book that's for me - I'll paint from the sketches in oils, watercolour, pastel or whatever but I'll keep the book itself intact.

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