Autumn in watercolour and mixed media

Autumn, watercolour and mixed media, 8.5 x 5 ins approx
Looking from the field's edge, across the stubble left after the wheat was harvested,  towards the far trees.   

This one is a study in a limited range of colours - warms vs cools.   I really like the bleached colours of the dried grasses and stubble at this time of year.   Autumn isn't actually quite this far advanced here but I wanted to use this limited colour range so moved the calendar on a bit :>)

This was done in watercolour, with the addition of watercolour pencil drawn and scratched into wet washes and a little biro (ballpoint pen).


Robyn Sinclair said…
Beautiful palette, beautiful painting. I love the softness of the dried grass in the distant light.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn :>)

I love your recent postcard
Bridget Hunter said…
Both these tree studies are beautiful works in colour and composition - and the delight in making them comes through.
Jeanette said…
I love the look of this piece. the colours and textures pull my eye in.

I had taken a number of photos of birch trees and ridged bark on larch trees. This is a perfect representation of what I was photographing.
Desiree said…
I love this one Vivien, so beautifully done!
Theresa Evans said…
I love the soft light and textures on the grasses and the w/colour pencil and biro have worked beautifully on the bark. Lovely.
vivien said…
thank you so much everyone :>)
Michael Bailey said…
Absolutely gorgoeus piece, Vivien. It's great to be able to move the seasons back or forward sometimes isn't it - try doing that with a camera !

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