minimal sketch kits

I had thought that this sketch kit - my most minimal unless I simply take a mechanical pencil plus the tiny sketchbook - was small.

A6 sketchbook, Jakar eraser, Rotring Art Pen, Pentel Brushpen, White Chinagraph Pencil, Mechanical Pencil, Tippex correction pen

But take a look at this for packing an large amount of media into a tiny space!  amazing - and great sketches too

The tiny sketchbook is an old diary, with a cover to pretty to throw away, refilled with heavy cartridge paper in a concertina fold..   It fits into the pencil case.

I don't actually like working that small but sometimes it's all I am able to carry and at least I have it with me.  Often I'll take the pencil case plus bigger sketchbook.

I'm hoping to continue with the birches today - life has been hectic with no daylight painting hours.


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