Sunday, January 29, 2012

The harbour, Newquay, rainy day. Derwent Artists coloured pencils.

Newquay Harbour, Rainy Day, 6x3 ins approx

More testing of Derwent products and again with the Fisher 400 paper.   I do love this surface for working on.

Like the Derwent Coloursoft pencils, the Artist Pencils work beautifully on this sanded paper.  Colours went down richly and overlaid and mixed  really well - whites actually reading as white.   There was a good range of subtle colours that I could choose from to  mix and overlay.    So necessary to achieve the  soft grey green and a hint of pale blue and viridian in the sea, palest pink and cream that shone through the sky a little.

It's just a tiny sketch which I wanted to keep loose, not getting into overmuch detail, wanting to catch the misty air and the soft colours on a very small scrap of paper.

Not an Emmet in site (old Cornish word for mosquito - now applied to tourists ;>D ) - all quiet with the sea softly rolling in, no wild waves today, and the gentle subtle colours of sea, sky and stone.

The Drawing Painting series will continue in a day or so :>)


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Lovely sketch! Derwent artsists pencils are lush. ...longing to be an emmet again :o)....maybe this year..sigh..

vivien said...

me too!

Tourists are grockles in Devon but I don't know the origin of that.

SakiVI said...

What does it mean to keep a sketch loose?

vivien said...

Hi Saki

Just keeping lines and marks fluid and flexible - and as marks. I'm making a painting or drawing- so not photorealist or very neat.

I'll write about it in more detail when I write about Marks in the ongoing series.