Mixed Media - Derwent Inktense Blocks with their Tinted Charcoal and a white Sennelier oil pastel: Cliffs and wrecked ship

Wreck, sketch with Derwent Inktense block, tinted charcoal and white oil pastel

This was a play to try out some new brushes (Christmas present from himself).   So, I thought I'd continue using the Derwent materials I was given, to test mixes of these as well.

I used a photo of a wreck we found when cliff walking a few years ago.   From this side it looked whole - from the other side it looked as if someone had sliced it in half, almost totally hollow.   First I laid down a few areas of colour for cliffs and boat.   Once I knew where they would be, I laid down scribbles of surf with a white Sennelier oil pastel - no other brand works as well for a resist to water media as the Sennelier, they are lush.   I used Inktense blocks, partly drawing and partly for lifting colour from, to wash further colour in the sea, the cliffs and the boat..     I then drew into the dried painting with Derwents Tinted Charcoal to add further detail and texture.   The mix of media worked well.    This may be developed into a finished version at some point (a new painting not a continuation).
I don't really like using photos as there is no movement and you can't see into shadows as well, but I can't get back to Cornwall right now - so this is the next best thing :>)   I have painted plein air in this area - a lot!

I do like the clear colours of the Inktense for the seas in particular.  They are so lovely and translucent, but rich and vibrant.  It's possible to capture the vivid turquoise/viridian of the sea in that area on a sunny day with the Inktense. You can get little holders for them to keep your fingers clean - I wouldn't use them myself but for anyone who dislikes getting paint on their hands they are ideal.   I just want to go with the flow and not keep stopping to fit holders.

The muted colours of the tinted charcoal pencils were pefect for scribbled marks in the clifftop and rocks and adding a little detail to the ship.


SakiVI said…
That is an exquisitely lovely painting. I really enjoy reading how you've mixed different media, such as inktense, tinted charcoal and oil pastel.

Inktense colours: whoever mixes them for Derwent is extremely talented!
vivien said…
Thanks Saki - I agree - the colours in the set are lovely.

I may develop a larger one in the same media, a little more considered. The media really did work well together.

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