Across the bay, approaching rain: graphite sticks and watercolour

Across the bay, approaching rain, graphite stick and watercolour in Stillman and Birn Beta hardback sketchbook.

The weather has been what the Scots call dreich - grey. rain, sleet, cold wind, grim - and it seems to have crept into this work!

It's done from memory of watching the rain approaching across the bay, making the sea and headland almost disappear.   The foreground will soon disappear as well as the rain arrives but for the moment shows more clearly.

I put a few pale washes of watercolour down and then worked over it with a graphite stick from Derwent, something I haven't used in ages.   I really enjoyed the veils of tone and drawing back into it with an eraser.  

I don't know if you can read the elements in it?  (Sky, headland, sea, waves, beach)

The new XL tinted graphite sticks would be great for this, I can't wait to get them .  Has anyone tried them yet?


This is beautiful! I love the mood that you have captured. I think this is what our weather is supposed to be this week. Time to get out the waterproofs again.... Dreich is a lovely sounding word.
vivien said…
Thanks Lisa :). Oh for some better weather :(

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