Winter light: Fields, watercolour and mixed media

Winter fields. watercolour and mixed media in A4 Stillman and Birn Beta hardback sketchbook


The snow has gone and I wanted to catch that cool winter light, with the faintest hint of the sap rising and the colour starting to appear in the twigs at the tips of the branches.  Soon they will develop that luminious, almost apricot glow they get in early spring.

Done with watercolour, tinted charcoal and a little pastel pencil - Winsor and Newton paints and Derwent pencils.  Derwent have some lovely chunky tinted charcoal blocks out, that I haven't been able to talk about before their launch.   I used them here and in in some of the branches in the last sketches of the hedges, alongside the tinted charcoal pencils.  They are absolutely gorgeous!   More work in them will follow :>)

I am absolutely loving the S&B hardback Beta sketchbook.   The paper is incredibly robust and takes any medium I've thrown at it brilliantly .... and keeps colour brilliant too because of the sizing.  It is going to be available in the UK from April, so anyone interested in trying one, watch this space :>)   I'll let you know when it is here.


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Hedges silhouetted agains the snow, winter light: watercolour and Derwent tinted charcoal pencils in Stillmand and Birn Beta Hardback sketchbook