Derwent XL tinted charcoal sticks: winter dusk across the files

A sketch of dusk across the fields, done with the new chunky XL tinted charcoal sticks from Derwent.

I've only got a few testers i earth colours and look forward to having the full set. They are really lush to use and I know I'm going to find them a very useful medium. Charcoal has always been one of my favourites when drawing. More work in these to follow :)

I had liked the tinted charcoal pencils and these combine with them beautifully but allow broader marks and big washes of colour/tone, ideal for working this size (A4) or on a much larger scale. Using the edges it's possible to get quite fine marks but the pencils can add even finer detail as required. Being able to put down large marks keeps the spontaneity in drawings.

Have you tried them yet?


Gexton said…
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Just got both sets plus the accessories. I don`t normally fall for all these new art materials that Derwent offer; actually tried out one or two of their artbars and didn`t like them, but am a big fan of their inktense blocks, coloursoft and drawing pencils, and just had to try these, plus Painters` Books were doing a half price offer on the full set!! Can`t wait to try them out, the size is great, and the fact that both the charcoal and graphite lines are watersoluble makes them even more exciting. Love the landscape with tree!!
vivien said…
Thanks :). I'm hoping for it to get a bit warmer so I can get out with them to sketch.

I like the fact that there are some subtle colours in art bars and they combine well with neocolor

I like your work and your upcycled furniture, it's lovely.

Congratulations on the A&I selection. I'm in there as well for a while as the image behind the Derwent competition ad, which is fun. I must update my folio, I haven't looked at it in ages.

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