Northumbria National Park, the hills above Alwinton, watercolour and mixed media

Up in the hills of the Northumbria National Park, above Alwinton, Watercolour/mixed media in A4
S&B Delta sketchbook

I absolutely loved it up in the hills of the National Park. As the single track road rose higher, the land grew wilder, bleaker and more dramatic.  The land folded, carved by glaciers and drystone walls zigzagged, showing the contours of the land.

I painted a couple higher up as the sun was going down - I'll show those later.

This one is a mix of watercolour, conte pencil,. coloured pencil, tinted charcoal pencil and a bit of white ink.   I wanted to get the different textures quickly and mixing media was the best way for me to achieve this.

Below are a couple of photos from higher in the hills.

I would definitely like to revisit this area.  The landscape and history are wonderful.


Bridget Hunter said…
You've had a wonderfully productive time Vivien and your terrific, atmospheric sketches show how revitalised you are and that it's been so worth going your "road trip".
vivien said…
Thanks Bridget :>) it did make me feel revitalised, glad it came through

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