Rocks at Bamburgh, watercolour and mixed media in S&B sketchbook

Rocks at Bamburgh, watercolour and mixed media in S&B Delta sketchbook

The geology on the coast of Northumbria is fascinating with parallel ridges of rocks that look almost as though they were constructed by man and sheets of flatter rock and sand between.

This one is a study of the rocks to the north near Bamburgh.  It's basically watercolour but with bits of tinted charcoal and coloured pencil in there too.

Again I was enjoying catching the very different colours and mood of the north east.

More to follow .............


Polly Birchall said…
It's a dramatic area, and this is a lovely painting
vivien said…
Thanks Polly :>) as you will gather - I loved the area! I really like wild places.
Jeanette Jobson said…
You'd love it here Vivien. In fact, this scene looks so much like the Flatrock coast, its interesting.

You've done a wonderful job on the atmosphere of cool and wet and rocky surfaces here.
vivien said…
Thanks Jeanette :>)

I'd love have the money to travel widely - I'm sure I'd love sketching your coast and envy you seeing it daily as the light and season change.

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