Northumbrian National Park, up in the hills, Derwent tinted charcoal pencils with waterecolour pencil

The Cheviot Hills, in Northumbria, Derwent tinted charcoal pencils with a little of their watercolour pencil.  S&B  Delta sketchbook

Another one from the hills, higher up than the previous one, Late afternoon with the light about to go and passing drizzly showers.  But beautiful.   I love the high hills with the dramatic, steep slopes carved by glaciers, sheep and the occasional tough breed of cattle.  Fast streams, waterfalls, isolated farms, single track road .....  I love it!

I scribble a little watercolour pencil to get the underlying clear green and the basis for the sky and then worked in Derwent tinted chyarcoal - it's perfect for the colour, mood and texture of this landscape.   I really like them.

Again in the lovely S&B Delta sketchbook/

And there's more ....


Laura said…
I so admire the immediacy of this, Vivien. I do really feel as if I am THERE.
You are lucky to have such landscape within reach.
vivien said…
Thanks Laura :>) it is 200 miles away sadly.

I certainly envy your trips to Iceland and the amazing landscape there. Though not the cold!

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