Drawing with pens, Rotring, Lamy, ballpoint, Sharpie and Tombow

Sketches with a variety of pens, Rotring and Lamy fountain pens, a Tombow double ended brush pen, a Sharpie and a Parker ballpoint pen. In S&B Zeta A4 sketchbook, ideal for ink as it's smooth, heavy paper lets the pen flow.

Examples are for a forthcoming class, showing some of the marks each pen can make, alone or with a water brush to create washes of tone with the water soluble inks.  I simply drew items from my pencil case.

The last sketch, of scissors, uses a mix of fountain pen, Sharpie and Tombow. The grey Tombow giving varied washes of tone, the fountain pen with black ink for fine lines and the Sharpie for flat, even, intense black.

These are the pens I keep in my pencil case.  The Rotring pen I bought many years ago nd I've never had any problems with it.  I'm giving the Lamy a second chance, the first one started off ok but the the ink just refused to flow no matter how much I cleaned it.  It did not impress me.  Friends like theirs so I bought another to try ... so far so good but the jury is out until it stands the test of time.

The Tombow pens are a favourite, especially the grey as you can build up washes of tone and the dual ends give a good range of marks.

The Sharpie for me has a more limited use but when I want large areas of dense non-streaky black, it's perfect.

Biro (ballpoint pen)is another I like.  It flows across the paper and can be used to create delicate, pale marks as well as bolder line.  Here I've stuck purely to ink but biro is great with coloured pencil for a line and wash effect.

Of course all of these can be combined with other media, as I frequently do, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic .... anything.

Work in ink:




I don't particularly enjoy metal dip pens though I have a couple somewhere, not sure where though!  I prefer the lively organic marks of twigs, bamboo pens, brushes and sticks with bottled ink but that's for another day ....


Anonymous said…
Silly I know, but somehow for me items of stationery are objets worthy of treatment by the artist. I very much enjoy these sketches of yours.
vivien said…
not silly at all :>)

thank you

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