Family cartoon in ink and coloured pencil

Cartoon of my eldest daughter, her husband and 2very lively children, a Christmas present, pen and coloured pencil

One that I couldn't show before Christmas. 


Jeanette Jobson said…
What a delight and I know something to be treasured by everyone for a lifetime. It is such a good idea to create something personal like this, so much more meaningful than something from a shop.
vivien said…
Thanks Jeanette :-). Luckily my daughters feel the same way. I have a request from second daughter for something similar.

I made so many things this year that it got a bi stressful at the end! This was one. ... Daughter has requested a cartoonish family portrait but the request came with a list of requirements, starting with it must be flattering of all of them ....
annie said…
I love the carton, Vivien, and as Jean says, the personal is so much more meaningful.

But I have to smile at the family request for flattering portraits in a cartoon. I didn't know that was supposed to happen in a cartoon--so GOOD LUCK.

vivien said…
:-) luckily it was approved!

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