still experimenting with still non conventional still life, working out elements in A4 moleskine

Carved wqoden cat in Crayola and Tombow pen in moleskine sketchbook

A probable element in the next still life painting - it will be based on the things on the shelf above the tv.

Done really fast with my grandson's Crayola pencils, some of which don't work very well on the waxy moleskine paper (but what's new!  so many things don't) and grey and black Tombow pen.

I'm wondering if the finished painting might be done in Artbars and Caran d'Ache Neocolor II.   I think the ability to use  coloured line and wash might work with this and the other objects.  I'm also thinking it will need to be a full sheet of watercolour paper to weave the different things together in the way I want.

Sketches to do and problems to solve ....


Anita said…
I love your cat. Such a lesson in keeping it simple.
vivien said…
Thanks Anita :-) liking your new series aswell

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