in answer to your request Katherine :)

quoteKatherineT : Katherine said...
This is really great Vivien Those acrylic inks sound interesting as well - can you show us on the blog - I'm not familiar with them.

I think you'd really enjoy them Katherine (and others). They are ideal for anyone who wants to splash about a bit :) but could also be used more graphically,

Here's a link to Jacksons page on acrylic inks:
(skim down to the FW inks - they are the ones I used)

I only bought magenta, yellow and blue - plus a metallic blue I couldn't resist! They are really luscious and translucent and you thin them with water about 1 part ink to 2 parts water. They are really intense. I used them plus a borrowed fluorescent pink to underpaint this flower very very loosely, spraying water for the inks to run into so that some edges were sharp and some blurred. Then I repeated the process, once that had dried, using acrylic paints - again, let it dry. Then a few finishing touches of more opaque colour, mainly the cadmium reds, was put on with a palette knife in oil paint. I don't like acrylics with a palette knife, I find the effect cruder than with oils. Finally when that was dry I drew into the stamens with a metallic blue Sennelier oil pastel. Sennelier oil pastels are beautiful - much much nicer to use than other brands, lush and buttery and intense.

This one is currently at the gallery with the others in the series.

I certainly plan to buy more inks - they come in small bottles and aren't cheap but a little goes quite a long way.


Katherine said…
Thanks Vivien.That sounds like a very interesting process. I'm coming to realise that I like working stuff around on the support - maybe I ought to give these a go but I somehow feel like they should take an orderly place in the queue!

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