one exhibition delivered and another hung

I delivered the flower paintings to the gallery this week and today our group hung our small group exhibition - so I'm exhausted.

The gallery were delighted with the work and wanted to show all of it - I had thought I'd give them a choice and bring some home for the weekend show. So I had to rush around sorting out some more of the trees and woods paintings and finish a flower canvas and frame a watercolour flower abstract in a rush this morning.

These images are my boards from our small group show (in a church hall) There's more work on the wall and in a browser and folio as well. These shows with friends are really hard work but also fun - though each time we say we'll leave a gap before we go through it again!

I'm dead on my feet now but have to be back there in the morning to 'man' the show with the friends. There are 8 of us showing work - the show looks great so lets hope it goes down well with the public.

I am now fed up with framing and wrapping and packing and loading and unloading cars!

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet ..... and there's another exhibition in January.


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