computer problems :(

Norton's name is mud at the moment as it is really messing up my computer - supposedly uninstalling the old version but just hanging and doing ZILCH! I hate it >:>( . If it doesn't sort itself out it's going back for a refund. Updates when I can get online again safely.


Ann said…
Computer screwups have aged me,
Vivien. Good luck.
I think Google will maybe let me send this, finally.

Ann said…
Tough luck, Vivien. Nothing can
screw up like a computer.
Hope you'll be back soon.
vivien said…
thank you for the sympathy :) - I still haven't completely sorted it :(

great that you can now get on to comment and chat :)
Billie Crain said…
i hear folks complaining about Norton all the time. it takes up a lot of 'space' and causes all manner of problems. Security...makes you wonder what's worse, the viruses or the 'cure'?
vivien said…
apart from the hours spent yesterday, I was 3 hours with the online analyst this morning!

I have to say their live help is great - he set everything up and it is currently backing everything up to their server - I have zillions of images so it's taking forever but I'm hoping all is well now - virus checker and firewall are in place :>) and it has lots of extras which are good like cleaning up temp files and defragging and allsorts

time will tell! will I love it or loathe it?

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