more paintings over Easter I hope but at the moment it's all work and family!

This is the reason for the lack of paintings just lately :>) - my lovely little grandson ........

I simply haven't had time to paint or sketch this week - We've been to visit my daughter and husband and Sam who is now 6 months :>) along with my younger daughter, so it was a lovely family get together.

I took a sketchbook but didn't manage to draw him at all - he's just too interactive at the moment! I never had my hands free! I took over 100 photos though.

we have plans to see family over Easter but I hope to do some painting as well.

I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up to get back to my waterways project and do some new work on that. There are loads of places I've got lined up to visit.



He is gorgeous - brings back lots of memories of my grandson. I looked after him all his pre school years and now he is 8 years old and still my gorgeous boy. Sleeps over every weekend in fact he is coming to stay tonight. Will have him for the Easter school break too. Don't miss any of it - get his hands in the paint as early as possible.
vivien said…
That sounds lovely Shirley :)

- I adored my grandmother so I hope we have a similar relationship :) and even his mum plans to get his hands on paint early!
Karen Hall said…
vivien said…

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