Sketching from life with coloured pencils, an old tree stump

An old tree stump, A4 size sketch in coloured pencil. Vivien Blackburn

Another sketch done in between teaching - students are finishing off work and there are lulls where they need to feedback so I fetched this tree stump out of the art cupboard - it's about 12 inches high with multiple cut off branches and knobbly bits and a straight side where the saw cut through the major stem. Stem? trunk?? whatever!

I actually got the PIF's posted yesterday Karen, Lyndsay and Jeanette - I either got asked to work extra and couldn't get to the post office before closing time - or when I could I forgot! the attention span of a gnat I'm afraid :>( sorry it's been so long.

The book can't progress yet due to work and a trip to London to some good exhibitions this coming weekend. I'll report back on them later. I'm going down with a friend and meeting up with Katherine Tyrrell and Tina Mammoser which should be great :>) Tina has done 2 impressive looking books using Blurb - she's offered to bring them to show and I'm looking forward to seeing them.



Veronica Aldous said…
I like your work too!
I am going to put a link to your blog from mine- hope that is okay- you can do the same for me if you like!

vivien said…
thanks Veronica - poetry and art - I have a couple of friends who write and paint. I don't have that talent :>(

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