Wednesday, October 08, 2008

marbling - I've been learning how

Edge of the Waves, marbling, collage and coloured pencil, Vivien Blackburn

(unfinished work in progress)

I've been learning how to use marbling techniques to create gorgeous papers - I've got a lot to learn but it was fun! I wanted to use the papers in collage and my first experiments are here.

They are done with torn and cut marbled papers, some watercolour and a little coloured pencil.

Tides Edge, marbling, watercolour, collage, Vivien Blackburn

Oily inks were dripped into a large tray of water, they float on the surface and I swirled them with the end of a paintbrush, breaking up the globs of ink and creating swirls and drifts of colour. Then a sheet of paper was dropped in, sometimes lifted out without dragging and sometimes dragging it to create extra movement of the swirls. I used watercolour paper and cartridge paper, for the effects I wanted the cartridge paper worked better, the ink continued to move for a little as you lifted the paper out. With the watercolour paper it gripped and stayed.

I've got several sheets to experiment with :>)

I wonder if it would work with oil paint and Liquin or Linseed oil? has anyone tried that? any suggestions on managing with the materials I already have?



harrybell said...

I like the results, although I read both of them as winter landscapes. I did a little marbling once using oil paint thinned with turps, but it was difficult to get the right consistency for floating.

vivien said...

I can read the top one as a winter landscape but not so much the bottom one

Tbanks for the info on turps not working well - maybe needs to be much oilier? Linseed oil?

pete said...

If you've got the space to experiment without ruining your house (!) why not try everything!

I recently poured emulsion on a board, injected acrylic paint, then tilted it this way and that. It isn't marbling, but it was interesting.

harrybell said...

I think I've seen fells here in the north east that looked like the second of your images.

Yes, adding linseed oil might make a difference to the floating potential

vivien said...

Pete I do like pouring diluted acrylic paint or acrylic inks and letting them flood into each other - really interesting on UNprimed canvas as well :>)

Harry yes, thinking of the remote high valleys in Scotland I can see what you mean.

Melanie sent me a great email on marbling using shaving foam - I hope she's going to do a blog post about it and I'll link to it, she'd done some lovely work that way. Thank you Melanie :>)

Lindsay said...

I'm completely crazy about your marbling experiments. You are so adventurous with your media. I love how you are using them and still working in your own unique style! Your recent posts are lovely too. I'm just getting caught up now after a busy week.

vivien said...

Thanks Lindsay :>) - you are doing a fair amount of experimenting yourself! I've found the silk ones really interesting

Hope you've checked the Flying Pictures website - there are some great pictures from your book that Ronell has posted - I think you may be the first to get your book back!

Kari Gibson said...

What lovely results - I have never tried marbling, it looks like great fun.

Hope to see more experimentation from you!

Anita said...

very definitely landscapes - and as stunning as all your work. I've always wanted to try marbling. I am always so inspired by your experimental nature - I really need to step outside the box myself and be more daring!

vivien said...

thanks Anita and Kari :>)

Melanie is going to do a post (Ihope) about an easy way of doing marbling - I'll link to it when she does you may like it

my croft said...

okay, okay, :-)
I have a post up. I considered doing some marbling and shooting a step-by-step, then remembered who I am and realized I'd never get the post up if I tried that. So I've explained in words, but it's a simple process and words whould be enough.


vivien said...

:>D great! I'll add a link for those who would like to try it

Robyn said...

I thought 'waves' immediately, Vivien - and the second is a natural beach. So clever, so beautiful, so tempting!

I remember doing this in Primary School, the delight has never left me, but I've never tried again. I am now writing out 100 times, I must not take on yet another art technique until I produce something I want to sign!

Enjoyed Melanie's shaving cream marbling explaination, and thank you for the pointer to her blog. It's beautifully written.

vivien said...

thanks Robyn :>)

I'd never ever done any marbling so it was fun!

I know what you mean about taking on too many subjects/techniques!