doodling with collage

collage and mixed media, Vivien Blackburn

An experiment with collage. I had some lovely marbled paper that a gift had come in and decided to use it as the start of a small image in my little leather bound sketchbook with the hand made paper.

There are 2 pieces of marbled paper, selected for the shapes printed. I then used coloured pencils, felt pen and a little biro to match colours and extend the swirls, adapt them and add the rocks and sea - I may adjust it slightly yet,

You can see more collages of mine here.

A friend mentioned that it reminded her of those dress prints of the 1960s! it does have that feel doesn't it?


Robyn said…
Isn't it amazing that the marbled paper has perspective! I actually thought you must have made the paper because I remember you were talking about it last year. If I get back into the print studio, I'm thinking it would be a fun way to use up left-over ink.
vivien said…
I chose the bits I used carefully to get that perspective :>)

I want to make some marbled paper myself - I've promised one 'hard work' (for me! because he doesn't work) student that he can do some marbling later in the term IF he works hard in between - I could then do some as well!
Jeanette said…
That paper is perfect! It fits beautifully into this wonderful scene.

I'm going to play around a little with some lino prints this weekend. Using them on printed paper could give unique results and I was given some exotic paper this Christmas...
vivien said…
that sounds interesting Jeanette :>)
really nice. before I read your descriptions of it, I thougt...looks just like marbeled paper! Good job!

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