linoprinting update

A linoprinting update: Experimenting

I've been experimenting with oil paint painted onto to the lino. It has an interesting texture from the brush marks and I think this is something I'll experiment further with,

On the left I worked into the print - done with pthalo blue oil paint - wetting the brush with turps to spread thinner paler areas of tone in some places such as the sky.

I scumbled coloured pencils over the cliffs to get the effect of the vegetation in shadow and the sand to get the grainy texture. It's made up of several colours overlaid loosely.

There is a little more variation of colour than shows here - some slightly greener areas of sea and those stylised clouds are a little paler.

This is all purely experimental, seeing what I can do with the lino, changing it, combining other media.
I don't think the stylised clouds look so good with the more painterly stuff elsewhere - I want to do some stylised prints and then I may cut the clouds out and cut some off the top of the lino and play with painterly effects.

With this one I may see how pastel pencils work - it needs to dry first though. I used the coloured pencils on wet oil paint.

It doesn't perhaps show clearly here but these made me think of the railway posters from the 30s? 40s? I really like those. Maybe at some time I could try a much larger lino and really go for that feel.

I was never particularly keen on linoprinting but these experiments - and some of the great tips on different approaches you've told me about - make me want to do some more :>)

So any further comments, crit, feedback welcome :>)


Lindsay said…
These are both really interesting. I don't mind at all that you have painterly effects with the stylized clouds in the first image. All that re working makes the print look very personal and very much you.

ON the second image, I love the texture in the print. I can't tell if this is from the way you cut the block or the pencils. It almost looks Japanese to me.
Anonymous said…
I like the effect you're getting with brushing the oil paint on. I'll be interested to see what happens next. Gotta confess; whenever I carve out a linocut I seem to get everything sloping slightly uphill to the right. Bizarre I know.
Robyn said…
It is the very strong graphic poster look that you get with linoprints that appeals to me too, Vivien.

This version is very effective. I'd never have thought of using coloured pencil on wet oil paint. I think I'm altogether too reverential to the different mediums.
vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay - the marks in the second are simply because of the hog brush I applied the paint with - it's impossible (for me) to get the matte velvet finish of proper lino ink and a roller with these other media. Having said that, I quit like some of these effects I'm getting with the 'wrong' media!

I need to learn to cut finer lines in these small prints though

Cath thanks - I have to be careful not to get a list to port with photos! thank heavens for photoshop :>D

Hi Robyn - never be reverential! actually it's pure impatience and wanting to see what happens! I knew if it didn't work it was simply enough to print another and play again and it was only paper. :>)
Robyn said…
I think you need to take me in hand, Vivien. :) What a shame I can't have you as my teacher. When you open your on-line art school, I'll be there with shining morning face.
vivien said…

you have been doing some lovely work!
dinahmow said…
Ooh! I am feasting on these experiments, Vivien! And yes, the "railway poster" one does have an austere look, but it's very effective.
Pencils on wet oil? Must think more about that one. I sometimes use a little oil paint (W&N) in mixing colours if I don't have the right shade. But it doesn't have the same "flow" as printing ink so needs extra linseed oil.But as I usually apply it by hand and don't use a lot it seems to work. Most times!
vivien said…
I found a medium online that is supposed to turn oil paints into lino printing ink - I think I'll have to try it Dinah - it sounds good and means I only pay out for one tube.

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