expert linoprinting

NOT my work I'm afraid but a print I own, one of an edition of 6. It's a large linoprint about 18 inches tall by Sarah Kirby, a fellow member of the print workshop I used to attend. She's a really superb printmaker. This is above my TV and I never tire of it.

I think working on a larger scale is probably easier in lino as I find it isn't easy to get delicate lines on a small scale. Not so easy to get a good quality print without a press of course.

With lino the notion of 'notan' is important - the balance between dark and light and the counterchanges of light against dark and dark against light - I think this print shows this perfectly.

Do you like it?


Jeanette said…
Beautiful, just beautiful. I'd love to be able to produce something as detailed as this.

The design is inspired and you're very right, the mix of light and dark is crucial for prints to work well. This is why I used thumbnails to experiment with different aspects of light and dark before I cut mine.

Wow, lucky you to have this piece to look at every day.
Anita said…
Its lovely! But I am a sucker for prints!
Very interesting Vivien! - I hadn't thought of words with linoprints bit it makes sense to me.
Robyn said…
I like it very much, Vivien. Beautifully thought out. I wonder why the artist only made six prints after all that work.

At the price of art shop lino I'd be very nervous cutting into an 18" piece.

Can't wait to start another myself.
vivien said…
Jeanette I thought so too :>)

so much work and then to go wrong near the end Robyn - imagine!! :>O

I'm glad you all like it

just remember to reverse the words Katherine - I once forgot!
dinahmow said…
Oh dear! I shoould have kept my big mouth firmly zipped!
But, having said that intaglio is possible in lino, I will post something.
It's still rainy here so the drying time may mean another day or so before I can scan the finished article.
The Kirby print is beautiful, Vivien
vivien said…
great :>D
rob ijbema said…
mmmm,love the smell of lino
can't believe how much different stuff you do vivian
this looks fun to do and very sharp
Martha Marshall said…
Love this print. It does have a pleasing balance of dark and light. Very sensitively done.
vivien said…
I didn't create this one Rob - it's way better than I can do with lino!
dinahmow said…
OK...the post is up! Heather did the printing and I took pics.
harrybell said…
I think it's terrific.
vivien said…
oh that's good :>)

I will study that
Anonymous said…
What a striking print. But boy oh boy doing that writing would make me nervous...
muddy red shoes said…
thats lush that is, good place for it too so you can gaze upon something beautiful when horrid stuff comes on TV!
vivien said…
:>) like the endless snooker himself is watching just now! that print or online is much better

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