moorland farm, penwith, cornwall, mixed media

Moorland Farm, Penwith, watercolour/mixed media

This one is a sketch of a moorland farm up on the moor in Penwith. Turn around 45 degrees and you see the sea, as in the last sketch. This was a day of passing showers, meaning beautiful skies and brooding Heathcliff moors :>)


Robyn said…
That is beautiful, Vivien. I just want to step right into the picture.
Annie said…
What a beautiful watercolor! The sky is impressive.
You live in a country where a lot of showers pas by:-) The few times I visited GB (Scotland, Lake District, Midlands, Cornwall...) showers were passing by... But nonetheless I was admiring the beautiful landscapes.
Jean Spitzer said…
These are such beautiful sketches.
Gorgeous! Love your treatment of the brooding sky.
Kristin said…
I really like this painting. The clouds are gorgeous and I love the pink plants in the foreground!
vivien said…
thank you everyone :>) we do often get our share of passing showers, especially the west :>D
Anais said…
Just fantastic drawing, Vivien!
caseytoussaint said…
Gorgeous, Vivien - so much atmosphere!
vivien said…
thank you :>)

I SO want to get back there

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