The book - finished

Just made it in time - the book was finished a couple of days before I needed it for Sam's 3rd birthday.

The idea was that it would be partly for now and partly as a memory to look back on in the future.

Luckily he enjoyed it now :>) , recognised the farmer, cat, his mum, his grandads legs, beaches, himself etc - and keeps looking back and forward between pages. He absolutely loves books and stories.

It's a mix of sketches I'd done in the area with added extra images of him and his activities - all scanned into Photoshop.

I used a vivid sea coloured painting he did on the beach, in my sketchbook, lightening it, and using it as a background for the text, linking the text and images through the book; changing the colour of it in Photoshop to match sand or city scenes as necessary.

The pages were put together in Publisher using a simple sans serif font, so that when he learns to read in a year or two, it will be straightforward for him to read for himself.

I decided I wanted the images to fill the pages, with no border. This meant cutting every page to size before assembling it - and my trimmer/guillotine had died so it was down to craft knife and ruler - and I don't do neat very well!

Hinges of paper on the back join the pages together to enable the concertina/banner opening up to a looooooong panorama.

The writing skill isn't the greatest ! I'm better at painting than writing so forgive please .

Now to start on one for Christmas ......

Links to previous posts on the beginnings of this book here and here


Jean Spitzer said…
It's captivating. Using his painting is a great choice, too. (I'm not so neat either, and I'm very impressed with your labor.)
dinahmow said…
It's a lovely book for Sam to grow up with.More personal than the usual out-of-focus snapshots that many of us had!
annie said…
Precious...evocative...But words don't really say enough, Vivien... What fun for Sam, now, and what a memory book. As the slide rolls along before me I marvel at the time and care it took to create all those images. I love that you used Sam's painting as background for the text, and how I would like to see that concertina/banner.

vivien said…
Jean, Dinah and Annie - thanks :>)
Julie said…
Your book is beautiful Vivian. What a great pleasure for you to make and what a treasure for Sam both now and when he grows up.
Sam is one lucky boy! What a treasure you've created!

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