Another book for Sam

Sam goes to Bosworlas, initial design for front cover, subject to change :>) Vivien Blackburn

back cover

I think I'm going to make a book for my grandson for his birthday about his holiday with us there. I'm using the painting of the farm as the cover and I'll include the painting he did.

Now I need to do sketches of his activities there, like jumping down the steps, the farm cat, the farmer and his tractor, the chickens and cows, the beach .......

The painting wraps around front and back covers like this

screenprint of opened cover for Sam goes to Bosworlas. Vivien Blackburn

I think I need to move it up slightly on the page before printing. Unfortunately I can't take images right to the edges - unless I print A3 - or design the book a little smaller and cut it down when printed. I don't think I like the vertical type with the image when seen folded either ..... all is subject to change at this very very early stage.

The font is based on my handwriting.

mmm ..... I think I may do that - it will give me the option to sometimes have images bleed off the edges. What do you think?

You can see an earlier book I made him here and here


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