Sam builds a snowman slideshow of illustrations and text

I;ve only had a very little time this week for painting and I haven't photographed it yet.

Here for the time being is a slide show of Sam's Christmas present book - the cover and illustrations in order.

As before, the blue lines and dotted lines are publishers guidelines and text boxes, which won't print or show in the final. My printer is having a nervous breakdown and I haven't been able to print it yet.


I would find it hard to wait until Christmas to give this treasure :)
annie said…
Just precious, Vivien. How Sam will love it. His own Nan Book... I remember making a huge snow man when I was 6, and it was a warm enough day so that the ball picked up the snow all the way to the dead grass underneath,and it made a glorious GREEN path (in my memory, that is --such is memory, because it could NOT have been green, of course ).

I love the picture of his room with that snow light coming in between the drapes. You caught it--and I don't see how-- but it was a surprise snow light that told me, when I first awoke, that there would be NO SCHOOL. So it is a light that still holds a sense of magic for me, just as there was another light that told me we were near the sea--also full of magic.
dinahmow said…
It's taken me days to find time to sit and watch this.
I am saddened that so many children demand (and get) all the top shelf, factory toys. Yet something like this is such a treasure!
(I suppose the current expression is "you rock!")
Robyn said…
Gorgeous, Vivien.
vivien said…
Pam, Annie, Dinah and Robyn - thank you all!

I just hope he likes it! small children are quite egotistical so I'm hoping he likes to be the 'star' in it :>D

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