sketchbook exchange

some of my contributions to the Flying Pictures Project

Remember our Flying Pictures Project, sketchbook exchange?

Lindsay has just shown an exhibition, in the US, of our completed books (sent off on a wing and a prayer for safe return) and given a talk.

She sent us the printout of her words and we would all have loved to have been there - she summed it up beautifully and got across how much fun it had been, the underlying worry of each of us working in books containing such gorgeous work by the others, how we learned from each other, enjoyed discussions on our blog and privately. the buzz - and that we want to do another project together.

Lindsay has shown her contributions on her blog - as it was such a good idea, I thought I'd do the same :>)

Have you taken part in an exchange?


Cathy Gatland said…
I so enjoyed the Flying Pictures Project, it must have been amazing (and intimidating!) to take part. Great to see your contributions again - lovely work - also just loved the plein air hazards post, so fun... in retrospect!
Robyn said…
It's great to see them all in the same place, Vivien. I'm reminded how lovely they are IRL and there's a couple I hadn't seen before.
Julie Broom said…
Your contributions look amazing, Vivien. It sounds like it was an amazing experience but I think it would be very nerve racking too!
annie said…
Good, Vivien,I was hoping hat you'd do this, too. Won't it be great if the rest do it? So exciting to see these in both formats. And how lovely everyone's pictures must have looked in the originals.
vivien said…
It was intimidating and nerve wracking! - especially at first - but as we all felt the same and were able to discuss it and the need for chocolate to cope and laugh about it, it was ok in the end!

Everyone's work was lovely wasn't it Robyn? you did some gorgeous stuff. My students were knocked out with the bowl of fruit you did :>)

Yes it would be good if everyone who took part did this :>)
Sarah Wimperis said…
what a fantastic thing! Would love to see it for real.
Lindsay said…
OK, OK, I'm going to do this too when I have some time!!!
I'm the lucky one because I saw all of thse IRL.
vivien said…
good Lindsay :>)

Sarah we could always do a Watermarks exchange???
Gesa Helms said…
yes... i would love a watermarks exchange... my suggestion from ages ago was a half-baked attempt at that... maybe it's time to ask/suggest again?

i like the idea of making the books in the process yourselves... and of everyone ending up with their books back at theirs, and not lost elsewhere :( - you must be so gutted not to have gotten your other book back, it was such a fantastic piece (i think i was the one who worked in that last?).
vivien said…
good :>) maybe we could get one underway in the new year

yes that other exchange was very annoying :>( - lesson is be careful to only do one with trustworthy people.

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