Old tree and rocks

Old tree growing in amongst rocks and a drystone wall, charcoal, carbon pencil and chinagraph pencil

I painted this tree in ink and watercolour a few years ago and decided to do a slightly larger version in charcoal. I added carbon pencil for the darkest and most calligraphic marks and white chinagraph pencil for the highlights, on a soft beige pastel paper.

I liked the way it merged into the rocks, almost part of them. The tree itself makes me think of Japanese prints, something about the gnarled branches and the pine needles.

I've been really tied up with work and family health issues so it was good to be drawing again :>)


Robyn said…
Works beautifully in the three tones, Vivien. Great to see you back!
Lovely work vivien!
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

but I've added colour now!

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