Back at last - photos of Cornwall

Sorry for the long absence - a mix of not being well, work being absolutely hectic and then being on holiday.

This is where I've been - a lovely farmhouse up on the moor, just above the coast in the far south west of England - only a few minutes from Lands End.

and the lane to the farm (above and below) just one car wide and lined with wild flowers in the hedges ....

the stream that tumbles down through the valleyby the house, comes out at Porth Nanven below, less than a mile away.

Back later with sketches


Robyn said…
You certainly were missed, Vivien. Very pleased to hear that there was holiday and beauty involved. Lovely photos. Wonderful flash of blue flowers in the lane. I do look forward to your sketches. And welcome back.
annie said…
Wonderful photos, Vivien. So glad that you got to go.I marvel at the beauty of Cornwall, every time I see a picture or a painting. Hope you are feeling more rested. Looking forward to your sketches.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

I have to get some pastels done for an upcoming show so may well work from some of these :>) and sketches

Sarah has done some beautiful paintings of the lanes

A lovely place to recuperate and refresh yourself. Glad you are feeling better and looking forward to seeing your pastel sketches.
vivien said…
one of my very favourite places David :>)

I'm determined to get down there again in the late summer - without family - to paint :>)

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