Digital manipulation of photographs

Pendeen Lighthouse, Vivien Blackburn

I've been looking at the photographs from last week, to assess their potential for painting from - I simply didn't have enough sketching time being away with extended family but I'd like to get some paintings done.

The simplicity of the image lent itself to posterisation/find edges techniques, with some erasing and tweaking and use of layers to combine the edges/posterised colour.

This photograph, below, is ok - but I really like it above - simplified and made cool and airy (though it was a vividly blue day). I think it has potential for development - printmaking maybe?

original photograph

I need to work in pastels today to get some work ready for an exhibition so maybe not this image..


Julie Broom said…
I really like the effect you have created with this. As you said it's so fresh and airy. The feeling of isolation is making me think of some of Hopper's work. I hope you develop it, I would love to see what you do with it.
vivien said…
I thought of Hopper too :>) but was really tired and there was a blank between my ears where his name should have popped up!

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