cover update

cover update - this is how it's looking at the moment - front


cover opened out

The text box and underlining in the title are just Publisher stuff that won't print

better? I think so


Annie said…
Your paintings are wonderful!! You are so talented.
I think that the cover is better without the edges. It will be a lovely book. What a lucky grandson to have such a nice grandma.
SKIZO said…
vivien said…
I agree - no border is the way it's going to go. Though it means I have to trim every page accurately - and accuracy isn't my strongpoint!

I've printed out a little dummy of where it's at and worked out what images I need to add so updates will follow.
Robyn said…
I always so want to be a grandmother when you start another of these books for Sam, Vivien. I agree the cover is more effective without the border. Can't wait to see the whole book.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn :>) it's fun! though a grandSON was a bit of a shock having had 2 daughters!
annie said…
I agree -- I like the cover without the borders, too. Charming paintings, all of them, Vivien.

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