book update 2

Sam and Lucky at Bosworlas Cottage, illustration Vivien Blackburn

I've done a couple more illustrations for the book - this one is of Sam outside the cottage he and his parents were staying at (ours is 20 yards to the left) and Lucky the farm cat. His parents are peeping out of the windows.

Sam collecting shells, illustration Vivien Blackburn

And this one is him collecting shells on the beach.

Both are watercolour with touches of coloured pencils, oil pastel and pencil.

Loads more to go ......


caseytoussaint said…
What a lucky little person Sam is. This is charming.
Chrissy said…
How lovely! It always become magical when it is for someone you love :) I love the covers further down too, I must check back, it has to be Cornwall!
vivien said…
Thanks Casey :>)

and Chrissy - yes, it's Cornwall :>)

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