Quick sketch in coloured pencil in moleskine

Sketch of the farmhouse kitchen window - the walls are about 30 inches deep - coloured pencil, mainly polychromos and Lyra, in moleskine sketchbook - 'large' size.

I did this sketch of the window in the kitchen at the farmhouse early one morning. The stone walls are very very thick so the windowsill is about 30 inches deep. The warm light, shown by the yellow, is a little more subtle in the original - the scanner exagarates it.

I love these old stone buildings and the way they nestle into the landscape - but realise that for living in, I actually want large windows and light flooding in. And stone walls make for a very cool house! temperature that is .... not fashion. :>)

Much as I loved the farm, I realised how much I missed waking up to the sea view of other properties we've stayed in - links below.

views from window of the house we rented a previous year

Next visit I'll perhaps move back to this view - it's fantastic to open the curtains in the morning, whatever the weather :>) though the views across the farmland/edge of the moor, towards the sea was lovely this time.


Robyn said…
Vivien, I dream of an artist studio for you on the beach at St. Ives. You deserve it and I've just become aware of how wonderful they must be having watched the BBC documentary - Art of the Sea: In Pictures.
vivien said…
that would be lovely! it's a beautiful place but sadly always really crowded. The colours are just incredible.
annie said…
I wish you also a beach by the sea-- but where is one that is not crowded? I feel the same way about it. Childhood memories of storm-coming clouds and crashing waves on an isolated beach and rocks--I liked those far more than sunny days.

I love your windows-- here and elsewhere. Those deep windowsills look so great with pots full of plants on them. I never saw it done but a long window with deep sills could make a great window seat. Then you'd have all of your beautiful light coming in.

You do set off my Dreaming button, Vivien....
vivien said…
:>) in low season this beach isn't at all crowded - though in high season it is and the steep narrow hill down and all the visitors traffic wouldn't be fun.

Ah well - when I win the lottery I'll travel in the summer and live there in the low season!

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