moonrise, coloured pencil

Moonrise, coloured pencil 11x14 inches

A moody moonlit view in coloured pencil - another in the series for the upcoming show.

There is another nearly finished which I'll show as soon as it's done, which plays with collage.

I've been finding it hard to get time to paint/draw lately with work and family commitments. I'm really wanting to get some big canvasses out but first I need to finish this series of small works.

Feedback and critique welcome :>)

PS - ALERT - Bloglines is closing down :>( I'm going to miss it as I liked having one place to track anything I read. If you subscribe with Bloglines you'll need to choose another method. Maybe Follow with Google??


annie said…
Love the textures and colors, Vivien,and the wonderful blue(bluish?) moody feel to the scene.

Too bad about Bloglines closing--wonder why? Having a central place to track is so helpful. Fortunately for me, I use Google Reader. Google is supposed to be in transition so I hope that doesn't affect its Reader.
Billie Crain said…
Love your Moonlit landscape, Vivien.:) It's hard to critique because I'm pretty sure you did this plein air so you saw what you saw. I will say a bright full Moon usually sheds a lot of light so shadows and highlights tend to be more dramatic and pronounced.
vivien said…
Billie you are quite right - but I wanted to create a slightly dreamlike, surreal atmosphere so didn't go for the deep darks

I'm transferring to Google Reader as well Annie

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