work in progress, mixed media, collage, birches

Work in progress, collage and mixed media: Birches and Pool. Vivien Blackburn

Leading on from those previous studies and sketches done from trees plein air - this is the piece currently being worked out, abstracting and developing the work. This one may be going to America. It's 11x14 - I'd really like to be doing this much bigger but that's the size it has to be for this show.


The top and the sides are a sort of ambiguous border - elements overlap and weave across but it is disjointed and separate from the central part. The top section has yet to be finished but most of the rest is complete.

All the trees are separate pieces of paper/painting and the background and foreground terrain are collage (papers that I've painted myself, cut and torn).

You can read a bit more about it here

Feedback welcome - any thoughts anyone?


dinahmow said…
Very good perspective shows up well in the top photo, Vivien.
Not easy to tell, on-monitor, but there seems to be some texture to parts of the foreground?
Overall? Lovely.
Jean Spitzer said…
I'm really liking it.
vivien said…
wow that was fast!

only the texture of the thickness of different layers of paper and the occasional touch of acrylic - the texture is mainly suggested by the marks, rather than being physically there.

and thanks :>)
annie said…
Well, my comment got erased with an Error so I'll send this out and if it works, I'll try, again
annie said…
The test comment seems to have taken so here goes...The birches on my monitor look beautifully textured and the pool sparkles. It must look powerful to see it in 11 x 14,
though it must frustrate you when you are yearning to express something in a format larger than a show allows.
Jeanette said…
I love the colours and shapes in this piece. It works very well and draws the eye over it.
vivien said…
Thanks Annie and Jeanette

I'm off now to post the changes

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