cat scratching, coloured pencil sketch

Sketch to test out those Rembrandt pencils, done on A4 paper

A fairly quick sketch done from a photograph of the resident tiger.   I wanted to test out those Rembrandt pencils in a scribbly sketch of fur.

The fluidity of cats - the way their bodies change shape from sleek and long legged to a plump little cushion of fur is fascinating - not to mention the intent face, closed eye and foreward curling whiskers of a good scratch :>)


Bridget Hunter said…
I love this sketch.You obviously know cats well.
Eliza said…
This is a beautiful picture, there is a real feeling of soft fur about this cat!
Sandie said…
Wonderful - you've really captured the character
Anonymous said…
Oh, how beautiful Vivien! I should do some of my cats're making me itch!
Jala Pfaff said…
Really great.
vivien said…
thanks everyone :>)

I'd love to see your sketches of your cats Ronelle - your fluid style is so suitable for catching them.

We've had cats for a long time and I've sketched them from time to time - and studies them lots! such expressive faces - and tails - and in this madame's case paws that smack and teeth that nip to put the servants in their place z:>(
Lorna said…
I really like this drawing. It has feeling.
laurel said…
I just love how you capture the liveliness of your subjects.

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