work in progress: still life in coloured pencil stage 2

Still life, stage 2, moleskine folio sketchbook - playing with patterns and composition

I've worked a bit more on this one but there is still more to be resolved.   It's done in a mix of the Lyra pencils that I won and the Polychromos that I had.  There is a lot of layering of different colours to get subtle transitions happening.


and potential crops for the finished piece:

I like the squarer format of the second crop.  What do you think?

Now time for decisions, what to change, what to lose entirely, what to darken, where to draw back into it with my Jakar eraser to regain light lines,  whether to erase the area outside the crop lines and leave an edge showing if I decided to put it in a mat  .......  push, pull, edit and change :>)

Photographing it in dull natural light has made the colours much truer and shows the rosiness of the coppry/rosy leaves and vase better than in the stage one photos.


Anonymous said…
It almost looks like an underwater glimpse
vivien said…
it does :>)
Eliza said…
Vivien, I prefer the second crop, it makesnthe drawing more balanced for me. The picture has a very floaty feel to it, almost transitory. Lovely!
vivien said…
I prefer the second too Eliza :>)

and thank you

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