The postcard exchange - memories of winter, first snow, mixed media

First Snow, mixed media on card

This was my postcard done for the postcard exchange this month.

It started life as a demo to students of oil paint used with a palette (painting) knife on card. 

(My tutors at uni were insistent that painting knives had cranked handles and palette knives, for mixing paint, not painting with, were straight but habit makes us all just say 'palette knife' I think, even if not strictly correct?)

It languished unfinished until I found it and decided to finish it in coloured pencil - it's about 6/6.5 inches wide as far as I remember - it was posted a while back.

Oil paint, used on paper or card, takes oil based coloured pencil brilliantly.  (Polychromos, Lyra pencils)

It was done from memories of the first snow fall, which came very early last year.


Suseenthar said…
wow that was really attractive to see .. it was more beautiful . thank you.
Robyn Sinclair said…
Hardly a postcard, this is a painting I'd love to own. :)
vivien said…
thanks :>)

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