First Snow: Inktense blocks

First Snow - detail

I've had a play with inktense blocks on A3 watercolour paper, working loosely from a previous sketch in coloured pencil in a sketchbook.

First Snow, A3, inktense



I really enjoyed drawing with them then swishing water over, leaving some of the lines to show through washes, then work on in glazes of colour, some dry marks left dry, some splattering, drawing on wet paper as well as dry.   So many potential marks :>)

I had some of the holders but ended up working too fast to use them - so have multicoloured hands :>)

A friend tells me she uses them on material in quilts and fixes them with a Delta medium - I need to look this medium up :>)   her quilts are gorgeous and well worth looking up


Anita said…
Gorgeous colours! Who said snow turned a landscape monochrome??
Love this!
annie said…
Vibrant and so beautiful, Vivien. You get both rich and delicate colors with it like the texture and the flow. I have been curious about them and considered getting some, but I am such a klutz (Lyra and Caran d'Ache crayons color, all over me, outside on a warm day)that I figured Inktense blocks were for neater people. But as you said, you get the marks and effects of both drawing and painting.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

I did get covered in it - but surprisingly it did wash off ok.

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