card design update and we are opening up Watermarks to a few new members

Friends came up with this caption for this one - what do you think?  Maybe you have to be a 'certain' age to remember chips wrapped in newspaper!


Cod and chips they said .... not cat n' chips

and this was an alternative Robyn suggested for yesterdays picture - snappier?

what do you think?  any other ideas?

and then there is this image that needs a caption

 AND .......   Those of you who follow our group blog Watermarks may remember us starting up.   I had the initial idea but the other founder members were brilliant at getting it up and running.

We initially kept it very small but with committments and other artistic subjects, it has slowed down a little.   We've decided to open up to a few more people who particularly enjoy painting water in all its incarnations - all those delicious reflections, waves, eddies .......

If you are interested in joining us leave a message on the blog or send an email to our address (on the Watermarks blog) and we'll add you to the list of people we are looking at :>)


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