still life revisited

Blue, Viridian,Rose, Lemon and Bronze,  16 ins square on paper

This one is based loosely on previous colour pencil still life experiments shown here on the blog earlier - but bigger and bolder and using water based media.

I didn't want to do a traditional set up so the elements are moved around, abstracted a little, colours intensified and the division between pattern and reality blurred.

The original coloured pencil sketches are here herehere , here  , here , here and here.

What do you think?



I like the development of this, the echoing shapes and rhythms lead the eye gently around. Squinting I can see a strong tonal pattern too. Just wondering if possibily the lemon shape needs slightly toning down on one side? Maybe bottom right? It might just be my monitor though.. Have you been using inktense in this one?
vivien said…
it's part of 'secret project' so I can't say yet!

You could be right about the lemon - will look again at it IRL and think about that.

Thanks :>)
Ramya Writes said…
I am good at pencil sketching. Your art is at a completely different level. Loving it. I will be following your works.
vivien said…
Thank you Ramya :>)

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