non traditional still life variations and maybe a challenge?

Blue still life version 2, watercolour and mixed media with copper metallic Sennelier oil pastel, Vivien Blackburn

Another version from the same starting objects - playing with blue leaves from a vase pattern (top left) and green real leaves (top right), with the pattern of the cloth and plate floating, weaving in and out and elements used wherever I wanted them rather than where they actually were.

Hillary asked if I minded her doing a theme like this with her group and I suggested she leave a link to the work they did in the comments section .


Does anyone else feel like having a go? a challenge? I haven't thrown out one of those for a while.

Have a go at playing with still life items in a non-conventional way and then post a link in the comments on this post and later - about a month or 2??? - I'll do a post with links to everyone who took part.

For ideas and inspiration look at the list of artists on the earlier post and then find some others you know and like.


Kelly M. said…
Vivien -- love your new still life works and the colored pencils! Very rich! I found myself browsing through Shirley Trevena's books once again (a must for this bleary winter) and thought that I would like to tackle still life (again) -- I'll watch for your challenge!

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