The Postcard Exchange - A Postcard from my Walk

My postcard from Martin Stankewitz - isn't it gorgeous?

I'm taking part in a postcard exchange, where the 14 members of the group paint/draw a postcard each month and send it on to another member. So the whole exchange will take 14 months.

This is the first card to arrive for me, a delightful wintry, rainy day in Germany by Martin. It's beautifully free and loose and expressive and I'm delighted.

This first month of the exchange we did a direct exchange - so Martin received this one from me. From now on the names are scrambled and so I don't know who the next one will be from - just who I'm sending to, I can't wait!

The whole thing was set up brilliantly by Katherine and Ronelle.

A Postcard from my Walk blog - you can follow our progress here if you want.


annie said…
This post card from Martin is just stunning, Vivien. I can't stop looking at it.

Hats off, again, to Katherine and Ronelle for starting this great Exchange.

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