non traditional still life continued - another digital variation - and googleart

Digital variation, Vivien Blackburn

I fancy working from this one with scumbled paint over a coloured background. It needs to be either oils on canvas or pastel over paint I think. I love it when underlying layers of colour show through :>)

And google art is waaay too addictive Look at the close up you can achieve of paintings, like this one of Turners. It's a fantastic site - how else could I visit the Tate, the Hermitage, The Rijksmuseum and the Uffizi and see pictures by moving around the gallery, and then closing in for a better view, without moving from my chair?


Jean Spitzer said…
I like what you're doing with these.

And--wow--about googleart.
vivien said…
thanks Jean

and yes google art really is wow!

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