catalogue design

Catalogue design in progress - my page

and the cover in progress

I'm busy at the moment creating an A5 catalogue for our small group for an application we are putting together.

We'll each have a page for a statement, one large image and 3 small, plus contact details/website (blurred here)

Text is grey. The grey squares will show the other members work when finished. I may change my images, it's yet to be decided.

I'm using Publisher

I think I may have it ring bound but haven't quite decided yet. To ring bind or staple? (and I haven't got a long arm stapler)

What do you think? I want to keep it clean and simple.

Comments welcome :>)


Lindsay said…
Nice clean lay out for your pages. I think your choice of binding will be determined by the weight of paper for the cover. If you are using a heavier cover, ring binding might be nice. Also, ring binding is convenient for attendees to flip pages back as they go through the show.
vivien said…
That's what I felt about the ring binding - so easy to have it lying flat to view.

The cover will be heavier and along with the ring binding the shop adds a transparent plastic cover that clings to the first page (static?)tightly without having to be stuck. It looks good.

We will have these out at shows in the future but the main purpose at the moment is a proposal we are putting forward at an Arts Centre.

I am probably also going to do a Blurb book for the group.
Sonia said…
Nice design for your catalogue Vivien. I was going to suggest plastic wiro-binding, but what you've mentioned in your response to Lindsay sounds good.

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