Hoar Frost, Misty Morning: Mixed Media Painting

Hoar Frost, Misty Morning. Mixed media. 9.5 x7 inches. Vivien Blackburn

This was a beautiful early morning, with mist across the fields and all the dried foliage covered in a fine coating of hoar frost. I wasn't certain if I could catch it - so ethereal, so pale and cold, distant hedgerows floating in the pale green/whiteness but with the trees vibrant, the sap beginning to rise, glowing in the January landscape.

I worked initially in acrylic, with touches of coloured pencil and a little oil and my trusty tippex pen to catch the frosted vegetation against the deeper bushes and trees.

It's part of our postcard exchange and has now arrived at its destination - see here. I'm really looking forward to the postman arrived with my card :>). This time from Martin - but for the rest of the time the exchange runs (14 months) the sender will be a mystery until the card drops through my letterbox, exciting!

Incidentally - shooting in RAW is something I have to learn. Niels was right. Martin kindly sent me this file in RAW and it only took a little work to bring out the cool mint green of the grass shining through the frost in the middle distance field - I'd been really struggling with this in jpegs - not helped by shooting the final image under artificial light, givin it an amber cast. I was rushing and didn't take my time.


What a beautiful painting, I'd love to get this in the post! It's a great idea for a project, I think it'll be another blog for me to bookmark.
Jeanette said…
Just beautiful. The muted colours and cold feeling comes across very well.
Lindsay said…
This is very beautiful. What a fun project.

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