Monday, February 14, 2011

still life, non traditional approach digital manipulation

Copper and Rose, digital image, Vivien Blackburn

I experimented with the image from yesterday in the computer and this is one variation I came up with.

I love the colours in this one - I must do this as a large painting.

Still life is definitely starting to interest me!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Love this. I have ben keeping an eye on your digital stuff. Always my favourite.
I don't suppose you could share your process???

vivien said...

I would - but I lose track! it's using lots of different things and I don't record them. Sometimes I switch between Corel photopaint and Photoshop for the different things they each do.

One day I'll get around to slowing down and doing a step by step demo piece.

my croft said...

Darn it.
You've inspired me.
I'm going to have a look around the house and see if I can concoct an interesting still ife -- which used to be a contradiction in terms, but now . . . maybe not so much.

thank you.

vivien said...

good :>)

be sure to leave a link as I'm going to do a summary of those doing the project :>)