More experiments with Artbars: soft pale colours

Pale, pearly morning, Derwent Artbars, Vivien Blackburn

This one was an experiment with Derwent's new Artbars to produce a pale, high key image rather than the vivid colours of some  works shown earlier.   They were equally capable of catching the subtle light of an early morning when colours were pearly pale and delicate.

There is a lovely range of pale colours, plus of course the deeper colours which, applied lightly and then washed, will give further variations of soft pale colour. 

Some of this was done using quite wet washes, some deliberately leaving marks, some dry crayon drawn through damp washes, some fragments dropped into wet washes, some at the end used dry and left dry.  Whatever was going to make the marks I wanted.

Further episodes of the series on essentials in painting and drawing to follow - I've been up to my eyes in family matters lately!


Bridget Hunter said…
You're becoming a master with these artbars. What great washy watery effects you're achieving.

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